Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Left My Tooth In Oklahoma

I have always had a thing about wanting to go to Oklahoma. I dont know why. Maybe its because of the musical. Ive costumed it twice. Ive sung every song. Ive got friends from there. Ive heard all about it.

But the reality was: I was freezing. I thought I was gonna die. I saw mostly gas stations, frozen prairie, and empty towns. No Curly. No Ado Annie. I was cranky and we couldnt find propane. I broke a tooth. We visited a Walmart. 

And that was it. I dont think I'll be returning. 

But the guy in this conveniance store was really nice and boiled some water for us so that we could fill up our hot water bottle. (no heat in the rv - cold snap - Misery) 

Picture: Kathleen, Lee, Rose of Salome's Suitcase 

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