Monday, October 19, 2009


Im not sure if everyone knows, but Samantha Emanuel is the namesake for the SamPants and they were originally her idea. She needed something fun to practice and teach workshops in. We ran ideas back and forth and I made a couple samples and she decided on a final product. For lack of a better name, we called them Sampants - the name stuck, people saw her wearing them and that was that! The ruffles have changed a bit since, the fabric choices as well. Ive been making a lot of them and improving them as I can, but the original was Samantha's idea.

In fact, the whole fluffy thing started - at least for me, with a bin of my lace and Sam needing something to audition in for the BellyDance SuperStars. I know Ive written about this before, but I like to give her credit when I can because she really brought me to a different level with my business. Shes' such a lovely person!

Samantha will be back in the spring to teach at Tribal Fest 2010! A lovelier lady there cannot be!

In this photo, Sam is wearing a lush stretch velvet version of Melodias. I have been telling everyone that I wont make them - and in truth, Ive only made a few pairs for BDSS ladies. But if you want flairs and can afford a custom pair of pants, call me. This stretch velvet was very pricey - purchased at Britex. I have no other source for the really nice, thick stuff. Oh, but they are amazing on!

Sam's vest is black silk velvet: boned front, sides, and back in Victorian fashion, and fully lined. She took some Victorian doilies, vintage buttons and embellished the vest just beautifully. I would like to make more, but simply have not had the time. :(

Someone asked me why I boned this vest so much if its just a costume for stage, so little, and who would even know - why put all that effort into such a little thing.

If you have ever held a weighted dress, or anything put together with steel bones, you would know that it FEELS good to wear! It has weight, foundation, substance. It looks nicer on the body. It holds its shape and you move differently in something well made. Well, thats my theory anyway. And I know that I, personally, move differently in better made clothing.

Silk velvet is amazing. The good, thick, heavy stretch velvet is amazing. These two do not seem a good match, but both together can be stunning in a tribal costume!

Model/dancer: Samantha Emanuel
Photo: Polstar


Niall young said...

She looks fantastic ...and wouldn't look out of place in my artworks. Thank you for bringing such wonderful work for our eyes to enjoy!

Alejandra said...

Hi Kathleen, do you still make this kind of pants with velvet fabric? I am interested!! and still interested too in stripey ones... thanks!