Monday, October 12, 2009

Rumination Of The Day

OMG - I do apologise to any of you who I have not returned a message to - or invoiced like I said I would. I have been having email problems and all kinds of nonsense - like colds and vending misadventures. So I spent hours trying to catch up today, but its looking like it will take a few days more. Such is life. And of course, this takes out of my sewing time. I had Kae helping me with the admin for a while, but it ended up that I had to put my money towards sewing help. I miss Kae and I feel bad. Hopefully this economic downslide will slow down some. I think it already has.

Lara of Barefoot Belly Dance just sent me this photo of her in my Fluffie Pantaloons. Just Lovely! Photo by Mark Slagowski

I do see signs of recovery, but its going to be slow going. Im glad everyone got to get some Fluffies and Sampants at a discount last month (or I should say, ordered at a discount). This was great. And now Ive got to run to catch up. Always running....isnt that the way......always worrying that I'm going to make someone mad or upset because they have to wait. But this isnt mass production. Like my room mate says....Bird By Bird.

We're having a Salome's Suitcase meeting tonight to discuss our January road trip to Texas. Im so excited I could SQUEEK! God, I LIVE for this stuff! Its going to be fun bringing our wares to a part of the country I personally have never been to!

I must say, being able to tweak how my blog works - so easily is making me a little giddy!

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Shelby said...

Hi Kathleen,
I see that you're having some troubles with your email, and since I've sent you a couple and haven't heard back I'm hoping that's why. I'm interested in interning for you and would love to talk to you about it. I hope I'm not pestering and let me know if you're not interested. Or, if you are!
Thanks and hope to hear from you.