Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cruel Universe

I swore - swore with all my heart and soul that I wasnt going to be one of those know - the ones who make baby clothes. I mean, then what next - DOLL CLOTHES? I know this makes me sound un-baby friendly, but this isnt the case. I love the cute little things, and I'll love my grandchild, but I dont want to be a designer of baby clothes. Thats not where my focus lies. And certain people are thinking that I just naturally will want to fill my spare time with making baby stuff. What spare time, I ask you..............

So what do I do? Buy baby clothes patterns. Now I have to dig out my vintage patterns and find the little girl dresses. Im starting to get obsessed. When am I going to have time to do all this sewing? I have no idea. But the bug has bit and now Im distracted by little tiny things. Tiny hats. Tiny dresses. Tiny coats. Tiny buttons. I guess she'll have to have a tiny pair of Fluffie Rufflies. A tiny choli. A tiny ghawazee coat.

I guess it could be worse.
I hope she likes to dance.
She'll have to learn to shimmy just like Grandmama.

If only I hadnt received funeral expense junk mail on the very day that my son announced that they were having a baby. Yeah. I kid you not. And an AARP card. Thanks, Universe! Thou Art So Cruel!

 I hate the sunflower hat - but I like the little baby bonnets. I see a future for all my scraps here!

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