Monday, October 12, 2009

Plague Day. I Mean Art Day.

Well. I'm sick with the plague thats going around and I was just too ill to vend at Sigil, although my things were at the Salome's Suitcase booth. I vended at Baxtalo Drom the night before at the DNA with SS and I had a little fun, but thought I was gonna die. If you saw me slumped over my iphone in my section, that was me trying not to die! I kept gravitating to the hats at the table next to ours that were a wee bit too small for my dread head, or I would have spent all my money that night on adorable cloches.

I have so much to blog about, and just have not had the time. Id like to write about Ariellah Affalo's wedding dress, my September Sale, my impending search for a bigger studio now that I'm all settled into my abode, my crazy neighborhood, my desire to continue dancing, my approaching grandmotherhood,; the state of the world, the state of my wardrobe, the state of YOUR wardrobe - and so much more. There is just no time for it all right now - because I have to sew up all this stuff that everyone ordered last month! What was I thinking!

Today was art day at Albion House. Kristine made art from bones and hearts and I put lace and buttons on some vests that I FINALLY finished. I should have been doing about a million other things, but I know I got this nasty cold because I needed to slow down. And this is exactly what I did. Sometimes nothing satisfies me more than sitting down and doing hand embellishing while watching murder movies on tv. . I don't get to do enough of this. I have learned from watching so much murder and survivor tv that in order to survive an attack from another human, you have to either fight back or play dead - and I guess you have to use your instincts on which to choose. Lets hope none of us ever has to worry about that - but I find I cant stop watching it!

Not a lot of energy for much else tonight, I redid my blog. Being technically challenged and having an old geezer computer, I thought I was heading for trouble, tears, and hair pulling - because some things are just best left alone. However, I couldn't resist. I discovered Shabby blogs last week and they made it so easy to change my blog's look, that I might just redo it every now and then when I need that "facelift". I don't like the white background, but its alright for now. I'm just so glad I found some templates that were fun and easy to use. Its like a little perk that I never expected would happen!

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