Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tribal Fest 2009

Tribal Fest is almost here and I'm sewing frantically like a crazy woman! I'll have lots of Sampants and some skirts. Hopefully I can get some fluffie things - I'll have my fluffie bloomers for sure! I'll have some sleevelets and bum ruffles. I'll even bring some cholis and regular (ish) pantaloons.

And it will be super fun as I'm sharing a booth with Salome's Suitcase! All these amazing talents under one tent roof!!!!!! Or I should say under 2 roofs as those of us going will be parked next to Black Lotus Clothing. Oh, it will be wonderful to say the least! Only a couple of us will not be attending. And Minerva's Antennae will be there, but I forgot who she is sharing a booth with. I'll post it when I remember.

Back to sewing I go!
kc.costumecouture @gmail.com

Tribal Fest
Sebastopol Community Center
Sebastopol, Ca.

May 13-17th.

Come early for the good stuff! Its gonna go fast!!!!!!

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