Sunday, May 3, 2009

Salome's Suitcase!

I am so please to announced our newly formed design collective called Salome's Suitcase!

For the moment, we have a new tribe (on tribe) where you can go and see who we all are and what we are all doing. You can keep up with where we will all be vending! (although I think most of are getting ready to vend at Tribal Fest on May 13th!)

Our customers range from the world famous, to the aspiring, but as Sandi of HiBeam Bindis said so eloquently: "you are all super stars to us!"

Each one of us has been at the forefront of design, bringing our vision into the public, starting and propelling trends that inspire many!

I am honored and feel blessed to be included among such a group of highly talented designers and artisans.

Katherine Summer
Black Lotus Clothing
HiBeam Bindis
Medina Maitreya
Yasmine Yildiz
Minerva's Antennae


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