Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Question From The Larger Ladies

Finally, Im getting some of these up on etsy! I sold most of them at Tribal Fest and after I got back - Ive got a few back orders to fill and then I can start making these and variations of them. They are awfully cute! They go well over pants and longer skirts. They even look great as is!

I like having things that I sell be versatile. I like that you can mix and match and dress it up or dress it down. Sometimes you can wear it as a costume and the next day as a sumpthin to run around town in.

Now, I have been asked why I dont make things for the bigger girls. Well, I do. In fact, Ive been making custom wear for plus sizes for years! Bridal, dance, fashion - you name it - Ive made the plus sized ladies look glamorous indeed! But the problem is this: I can only buy a certain amount of fabric at any given time. And it usually isnt a whole lot of yardage. So I have to decide what to make out of it and how to make it g o the farthest. Lets face it - plus sizes take up more yardage and I have to spend more money to change the pattern. The reason you see mostly dumpy clothing for plus size women in say, Ross, is because the patterns are graded up from little people. That just doesnt work. Plus sizes have a whole set of rounder dimensions and if you want something from a size 4 to look good in a size 18, you have to have a whole new pattern. If you want it to look good on you, it simply has to be a different garment altogether. Some may disagree with me on this, but this has been my experiance. I have made both big and little garments for both men and women. Its just more efficient and cost effective to make a few sizes and specialize in them.

Also, I HAVE made belly dance costuming for some of the larger ladies, but I dont often get pics - just like I dont often get pics of my bridal creations. And I dont have the time or energy to hunt these people down.

So if you are a larger sized person, I can make you look amazing. But it cant cost the same as regular sizing. It will always cost more and there isnt much I can do about it. It isnt fair, I know.

model and photo: Kristine Adams

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