Friday, May 22, 2009

Tribal Fun At Tribal Fest 9

Wow! Tribal Fest was intense and amazing!

5 days - count em: 5 days of shopping!
For each day there, I had to take a day off after. Vending is very hard work and not for the faint of heart!

I sewed every single thing by myself this time. Crazy, but I just find nobody can do it as well as I do yet. I'll find that person one day, but I didnt want to take chances so close to due date. I really only had two weeks to prep. This isnt much time AT ALL!

Its Always fun to catch up when you get there and get set up.- and hanging out and vending with the Salome's Suitcase gang was a blast........ I think I can safely say that we all had a good time and there are lots of crazy stories to tell one day if I have a moment! I have posted lots of photos on myspace and tribe. Christina of Black Lotus Clothing has the best photos of all on myspace - so check em out!

Now its back to the getting orders out again. Back to normal for now - whatever that it!

Sandi Ball of Hi Beam Bindis

Collective Merchandising!

Katherine Summer

Medina Maitreya

Lee Kobus of Foolproof Studio

Christina of Black Lotus Clothing

Rachel of Minerva's Antennae

Photos: kathleen Crowley and Christina - Black Lotus Clothing(the nicer photos!)

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