Friday, October 10, 2008

What I Want For Christmas

Im nearing the end of an era for myself. I am in a situation where my building has been sold and now the tenants are up in arms and ready for a fight. Ive done this so many times. Ever since moving to San Francisco 20 years ago, I have had problems with landlords and bad room mates, horrific rents, ceilings falling down around me - you name it......I never had problems like this before I moved here. I suspect my luck will go back to good once I leave.

Not that I havnt had a blast and had HUGE and AMAZING and FABULOUS things happen to me while Ive been here. I have no regrets.

But I am sick of the fight. So I will be searching for a home that I can afford and have a space to work. Im in no hurry. If its meant to be that I stay in the city, then I will. But what I really want right now is out.

I dream of farther North to a little town with old bordellos and victorian charm.

If anyone hears of something affordable (dont all laugh at once, now!) where I can be productive and peacefull all at the same time, drop me a line!

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love, Hadley