Sunday, October 19, 2008


I finally got a new little camera the other day, so I threw some things on Molly and had her model for me again. She got to show off her new glasses and I got some new things posted up on etsy that had been sitting here for a while.

This top is a prototype. I think its really cute, but I need to work on it a bit more before I make them to sell.

Today is my last day to get things finished before I ship off for Halloween gigs and parties.

The rest of my orders will follow. And deargodinheaven - its going to be Hexmas soon. Didnt we just have that?


Amber said...

Everything you posted on Etsy looks amazing! And I love the idea of the the vest/jacket Molly has on

Stephanie Hobbs said...

Kathleen, I LOVE that top SO SO much!! I will, without a doubt, be ordering one of those once I hit my goal weight!

And thanks for inspiring me so much lately, Ive felt such a rush of creative energy! And I took your advice and joined a belly-dancing group here in Austin. Im so excited!!

Zaghareet Tribal Group said...

That's beautiful!!! i like a lot!!!

Jasmin Victoria said...

that costume is absolutely FAB, you are a genius Kathleen!:D I also REALLY love the color combination of it. much love jas x