Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quality Vs Quantity

I don't know how it ended up that I make so many pants. I shall blame it all on Samantha Hasthorpe (Emanuel) who needed a new pair of dance pants. I had a bin of lace lying around and we dug in, came up with a couple items and helped carry out the trend of ruffles and lace.

It was a fluke. And I'm happy and grateful for it. My garments have been worn all over the world. Ive even got the Fluffie Rufflies on a calendar. (thank you, Sam!)

Since then It was on to stripie pants - The fabric made by serging lots of strips of fabric together. This all started because I couldnt find the fabric I wanted to use. Ive planned to make more, but never got around to it. The price is prohibitive, but if someone wants something bad enough...just contact me.

And then Sampants and Fluffie Pantaloons and Leg Ruffles. Not in that order.

Ive got lots of other ideas, but quality is very important to me, and I would rather have nice, more expensive items made one or a few at a time, rather than do mass quantities of merchandise - it is hard to keep the quality up when you cant be there to oversee the work. Ive tried to do small lots of Sampants and had to do some over. I am still small potatoes and its easy to get overwhelmed with so many orders. So for now, a few at a time. Maybe one day if this evolves in that direction, I can grow. But for now:

Quality verses quantity.

And Fit,fit,fit!!!!!!!

This is a photo of Rachel Brice wearing the striped pants I made for her - and as far as I know, they are still holding strong!

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