Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treasure

Some days are pure magic.
I found a score of a fabric treasure today.
Ive been searching all over for just this amount.
Not the bazillions of yards Id need to buy - not ready for that yet.
Soon, though.
It was like the gods of Halloween time
were saying " That Kathleen had such a crap Halloween
Last Year - we will throw her a bone to make up for it."

And funny thing.......Annie Lenox is singing "Thorn In My Side".
Its perfect.

Gosh. I remember dancing wildly to that song in 1985 (think it was 85 - so long ago now) with a huge bottle of vodka in my front yard. No wonder the neighbors hated me. I would have hated me. I think I did hate me. Thank the gods above that those days are over!

Free with the spirits guiding one is like being the wind ..........

At least today.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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