Thursday, July 3, 2008

Prairie Glam

I don't know....Ive been on this Holly Hobby goes Hollywood vibe for quite a while now. Now I'm hearing the term "Prairie Glam" and I embrace it whole heartedly. It goes so well with the Steampunk thing that is becoming the word of the day. Wild Wild West goes Jules Verne. I So Love it!
And my collection goes very well with it all.

Now, I personally am not into polygamy for myself, although if someone wants to put all that stress of dual relationships onto ones' self, who am I to interfere. Ive juggled a boyfriend or three in my day, but more wives??????? Sorry. I gotta be Queen Bee. That's all there is to it. End of story.

Back to where I was going with this..........
These FLDS Ladies have on what I would call a "mock up". The base of a good idea in crap fabric. With that mock up, you get the fit down and work with the idea to get a good story. Here, its like the start of a dream and they didn't get to wake up. Its just bad, bad 80's. But with a tweak here and a tweak there they could have a really cute dress! Very Laura Ingalls - and I'm all about that right now. Calico and lace and fun modern fabrics. I know I'm on to something here! I know it!

And actually, I like these Ladies' website. I like the children's clothing and they seem to have priced their products intelligently. I would totally dress my kid like this once in a while - at least a piece here and a piece there.I wouldn't have a problem wearing some of the style myself mixed with other things - Good basics. I would just have way more fun with it. And that hairstyle has to go. And the eyes! My eyes!

I believe there probably was abuse - there is plenty in "normal" homes, so why would this place be any different. Especially when there is so much repression going on - you see it all around us every day. It has to come out somewhere. And it usually comes out in very, very bad behaviour. Humans with poor self esteem gather together and let other humans with overinflated egos (or whatever) dictate. What are you gonna do.......its so much more complicated than all this. Its all very easy to be tongue in cheek about the whole thing, but basicly, the weak let others run them around. The strong break free.

But they sure are interesting!

This all makes me think of my grandparents living on the prairie - Ive got a photo of her in a similar dress. HOWEVER - it looked like it fit her, so she gets my vote.


Amber said...

I love the prairie and steampunk look. And more wives, it is ridiculous. And my boyfriend has told me it would be nearly impossible to have more than one girlfriend.

Lynne Rutter said...

those flsd gals are missing the point. it's all about the bonnet if you ask me.

far most stylish are the mennonites, and the amish prove once and for all that "modest dress" can be pretty cool.
check out their shoes!