Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One More Reason Why I Do What I Do

Dearest Ms. Kathleen,
No photo could capture the joy it was to wear your bloomers in my
wedding... how they swooshed and swayed to the sounds of bluegrass in
the redwoods..how they flounced in moments of ceremony...and most of
all made me feel like the Queen Bride all night long... the
pantaloons are super playful like creatures of their own, they like
redwood branches...I wore them for days on end...us country mice went
to san fran for a few days as a honeymoon.. went to the De Young
Museum with the rufflies and people photographed us saying we were
an exhibit ourselves...super fun...I have worn them for days on
end..and washed them by hand in a big bucket. They took forever to dry
yet are bright and lovely again.. thought I would send you a couple
of picks so you could have image to my voice... thank you so much