Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cab Waiting

It is Saturday morning - 12:30 a.m. and I'm on a roll. I'm in one of those moods where I cant stop what I'm doing, but I must. I must go home and go to bed.

I'm working on a wedding outfit to be worn in England, in a church, one month from now. I'm sewing stripes and tulle and petticoats and silk - making a corset and a jacket and I wish I could just sew all night long and not have to go to sleep .....I could sew til I drop. Well, I guess I'm about to drop at any moment as I sit here waiting for my cab to take me back over the hill to my home in the Mission.

This also has very little to do with sewing. I sew because it is what came to me fairly easily and I developed a skill that few have any more. What this is about is the art of creating. I could just as easily have a glue gun in my hand right now. I could just as easily be stenciling the outside of a building. I have to create. Or I might as well be dead.

What else is going on this month? Ive been cutting out skads of Sampants and Bum Ruffles. Leg Ruffles, garter shorts, and a pantaloon or two are waiting on my dress rack to be photographed and posted on Etsy. Ive got orders in various stages of completion - almost ready to ship.

I have another wedding dress and several corsets to finish for fall weddings.

I have photos to post and repost (sorry Ive been so slow with this Kristine)

I have to cut my hair because I just cant stand it anymore.

There are mock ups for fabulous suits and blouses, alterations, and visits from out of town friends.

Samples of new, fun wearable things are being formulated in my mind and on paper - hoping I can tackle these in the next couple months.

Pattern making is also very much on my in a packaged pattern that will be sold so that you can go out and make Fluffie Rufflies of your own - if you can afford to. I'm pretty sure most are not aware of how much fabric is involved in making these. Still......I want people to go out and buy fabric so that the fabric stores don't die out all together. Is anyone actually aware (outside of the garment industry) that most fabrics are now made in China and have to be imported into the U.S? And if we aint sewin ladies and gentlemen......good luck trying to find it in the future!


July has turned out to be very busy. August seems like it may be doubly so. I'm happy. I'm tired. The cab is finally here. I'm going to bed.