Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chris March Day In San Francisco

Last Saturday, I got to hang out at the 5th Annual SF Fashion on the Square. I had a great time sitting up front by the stage with my long time buds, catching up with friends I dont see very often, watching the models walk by, catching rays, trying to look nonchalantly glamourous while not getting sunburned, and wondering why, oh why can San Francisico not pull off something that seems so easily done in NYC?
And I was a bit put off by the announcer's insinuations that she would like to jump every male model.

Paleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz can we have a little class here!

But all in all, it was fun and had something for everyone. And of course, I was happy to see Chris again. Mayor Gavin Newsom declared July 19th as officially Chris March Day by proxy. Tammy from
Beach Blanket Babylon came out in her red finale dress and sang "San Francisco". We cried. We laughed. We rolled our eyes. We hoped the model jumping comments were over.

Chris March's mini-line was very pretty and interesting. He used organic/sustainable silks. His clothing draped and moved well on the models. I enjoyed seeing his work up close and personal. I wish you could see the details in the photo. His designs had a lightness about them that was refreshing and perfect in the outdoor light. I cant remember the gentleman's name, but Chris used a San Francisco designers' handbags on his models. I'll post that later if I can remember to get it. They are all made of pop tops - very clever and I wanted one so bad! OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo I loooooooove the digital printing on the sheer gowns that Chris does!!! Ethereal Spleandor!

In general, there was a mix of clever and dullsville throughout the whole show and Chris was saved for last because he was the guest designer.(save the best for last!) I love being Down Town, a good crowd was entranced, the day was very entertaining, then I got to take a day off and go shoe shopping with Susie afterwards.

I didnt get to visit with Chris til the next night when we all just hung out at Matt James and dished the light fantastic like old times. Happy Days. Sometimes you can go back for a moment or two until you have to go back to the real life. Everything changes and everything stays the same.

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