Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day, dear World!

 Its the first day of May and Im very busy with completing a wedding dress and putting in my garden! 
Clara just needs to try her dress on one last time, and then she can take it home. We got it done very quickly - which is somewhat unusual in my line of work. She got Christina Molcillo (my super amazingly brilliant partner is wedding dress making crime) and I at just the right time!  Story and pictures will be coming once the bride gets married. We dont want to spoil the surprise, do we!

It is spring and we are all hoping for a lovely summer and some positive changes in the years ahead!

I really don't know what exactly is ahead for summer. I have some tentative projects lined up, work on the Bessie line, a logo and new website that is being worked on ( Im itching to get this up!!!), revision and updating of my little sewing pattern line, friends going away and old friends moving back..........the constant ebb and flow...........and never knowing what each day will bring!

Happy May Day! May you bloom and prosper!

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