Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mini Bustle Skirts!

I made some sweet little mini bustle skirts for the Edwardian Ball. last month. I sold quite a few, and I saw some ladies wearing these with vests, S&;G Clothing grommeted tops, and corsets. It was so much fun on Saturday during the free admission shopping day to watch them try on stuff next door at the S&G booth, and then come over and pair these little skirts with their tops. It was a cute marriage made in fashion heaven!

So Ive developed this style with the fun, free spirited woman in mind. And although the days of me running around in leggings and tiny baby bloomers are over, I was flaunting one of these over a long black skirt. It worked,  I felt cute, and vendor appropriate for the day!

And aside from my custom work where clients come to me to make their fancy costumes or their wedding attire, I really try to make some pieces that fill a void and are well made. No, this is not an original design - well, it might be, but I'm not claiming it - as many will gladly say to me: "there is nothing new with a bustle!". Yes, yes, I know............but I made these a certain way and with a certain fit, for a certain customer. My fit wont be the same as someone else's (unless they have taken my garments apart for the pattern.- its happened).

So up they go on Etsy  tonight and tomorrow! I have several sizes and they are all a bit different from each other. And then I dont know if I'll make any more for a while, so get em while you can!


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