Thursday, February 17, 2011


These rufflie pants were named after my friend Jessie who lived downstairs from me in my last apartment building. She is a dancer and likes the feel of the cotton lycra because as you know, dancers need to feel free to move and break out into dance at any moment! Its true, we do. I dance all around the house in mine and I once danced though the park.............but that's another story. The Jessiepant is a shortened version of the Fluffie Rufflie Dance Pant and is a bit more wearable and versatile. The flounces are shorter and while they still have that fluffie feel, they feel a little more street worthy at times.

This word 'versatility' keeps coming up when I try to describe my clothing, but that's what I like about them - and while my styles are not for everyone, they are definitely for a more free spirited kind of person who lives outside the box. This person likes to have different outfits for different moods. And I try to make things that can be mixed and matched with other garments  in order to create a "look" ............and these will definitely create a "look".

I would send you to my Etsy shop to purchase these, but someone just beat you to it. I cant even take very decent photographs and you wonderful people buy my things. I'm not a religious person, but I feel truly blessed.

I'm going to Marker Express this Friday to see what the next step is for getting some of my designs into production. I am also in the process of getting a couple patterns out for sale as these styles in particular are just too cost prohibitive for me to produce - I'll be offering the first drafts at Cues and Tattoos! They might not be real pretty at first, but hey, if you want to make them and know how to read a pattern and sew , Im sure you'll manage! I'm pretty excited to see what everyone comes up with and I'm happy to help out those who want these but cant afford them. And I'll still make these styles for sale when possible.

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Aline Oliveira said...

Can't wait for those patterns! I tried once to make a fluffie pant but it didn't turn out as beautiful as yours (of course!)

hugs 'n' kisses from Brazil!