Saturday, October 16, 2010

That Old Cliche' Of Flying Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease

I made a pair of red velvet Sampants for Rose Nisker to wear while dancing and tumbling through the air last night at the Crucible. I regret that I couldn't go to the event, but a friend forwarded me the link to the photos. Ta Da! Just gorgeous! We put some sparklie fabric under the first layer of flounce and then added flounces to her pre-made corset - which she also wears with a red flamenco skirt to die for from Spain. I raised the waistline on the pants and we attached the pants to the corset so that her costume  wouldn't twist in the silk. This must all be quite stunning while floating in the air!
I added a little bit of sparklie trim to her flamenco skirt (not shown) to make her corset and skirt look like one cohesive piece when worn together. This is a nice little trick if you want to take two pieces of clothing and make them look as if they were designed to go together - take some fabric or trim and place it strategically - and perhaps subtly on both garments. If done well,  this tricks the eye into thinking its a unit and not separates.

I have made a few flamenco skirts in my day, but I have not had the opportunity to inspect many real ones that the dancers wear. Those babies are heavy, ladies! They have so many layers, a dust ruffle, cording to weight the train down and make it lie flat on the ground - to swing gracefully when kicked around, these are not supposed to be cheap and flimsy. All those circular flounces are heavy - as many of you who wear my Fluffie Rufflies can attest to!
 I believe that this is Juan Del Valle Flamenco - I want to give credit where credit is due!

Rose is such a lovely, warm person to work with -
I count myself so blessed - I really know some of the most talented people in the world!

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