Friday, October 8, 2010


I could probably sell striped pants til the cows come home..........I need to look up where that phrase originated from. Obviously a ranching or farming statement. But you get the picture.

Ive got someone in LA on the hunt for a good source since I cant get down there much. They really do seem to be scarce right now. In the right fabric. At the right price. In the right color.
I posted these the other day and they flew out the window.  I like making small runs of fun little pants and things to wear. But I just wish the fabrics that I like to use were more readily available. Not just the cotton lycra (in the weight that I prefer), but rayons and other fabrics. I used to go into fabric stores and go nuts. Now I go "meh". Oh sure, if I could buy in volume, this wouldn't be a problem. But then again, it might if it cant even be found at the LA Fabric District.

What happens,I'm sure, is that it gets snatched up quick. Its out there. I'll find it. Ive got extra eyes now.


Elizabeth said...

I have noticed a lot of striped fabric at Michael Levine in the L.A. Fabric District the last couple of times I was there.

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Im having them send me swatches. It didnt sound like they had what I wanted, but lets see what they send me!