Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Witches New Year!

Its that time of the year again and I'm here at home working and watching hours of Addams Family reruns. There are less that two hours left of Halloween and it has really FELT like Halloween despite the fact that Molly came over to work for a while, we had a mishap with an over watered plant that leaked down onto my overlock, there were no trick or treaters, and I had a fitting at 8 pm tonight. I mean, the town is deathly still over on this side. I thought there might be some mayhem happening, but nothing. Its not witching hour yet, but that veil is super thin right now.

I saw a white mist swirl in front of me a while ago and a fly wont leave me alone. I think its my Grandma Crowley - she always comes and hangs out on this night. Its pretty cool. She gives me good advice. I know that sounds crazy to some, but when I ask her a question, I get an answer.

Lately Ive been staying up til 3 am just working on projects. Ive been on a roll and feeling pretty creative again. I'm feeling more and more like the aftershock of moving and changing my lifestyle is wearing off. Ive been getting used to preparing all my meals - I know that sounds silly, but I seriously have been surrounded by amazing food for the last 20+ years. Ive been soooooo spoiled and I still wake up thinking that I'm going to just run around the corner in my gym clothes after crawling out of bed and grab a bagel and coffee. Its an adjustment, but an OK one. I just make my own coffee and I try to always keep stuff to eat in the pantry.
I'm getting ready for vending at ShadowDance this Saturday coming up. I will have some garments in the Salome's Suitcase fashion show - and this week will see me literally cranking some of this out. I'm pretty inspired and so we'll see what we come up with!

Last week I had a big sale for custom orders, and this was very successful  - not much of a profit margin for me, but it generated interest and I did realize that it really is the economy and not just the way that I run business that has slowed down the cash flow. Its just a global depression, that's all. It cant be Me! Not Meeeeee!!!!!!  :) So that was a nice week.

Big news for my friend Chris March this month! Bravo is giving him his own show..........pretty exciting stuff for sure! If anyone deserves success, its Chris. He's the bestest in the West - or East now at any rate!

Maybe next year I will go out and celebrate the new year/Halloween/All hallows eve........I'm happy staying home and being creative though.

Gotta start saving up for some big much needed purchases by the end of the year: a camera, a computer, a  car. Not necessarily in that order - but gotta have em so the next few months will see me working up a storm!

Happy New Year! Listen to the ancestors. They know whats up. They have the answers.

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