Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moving Sucks

Where did I keep all this stuff? Oh yeah........I was constantly bumping into things! I cant wait to spread out - even though I'll fill any space up pretty fast! I move on Sunday. So I'll have no internet for a few days. I'll have to go visit my Salome's Suitcase neighbors and check in to see what Im missing! I cant believe that three of us will now be living in the town that time forgot. I'm thinking that this will mean less distraction and more creativity to be had. Maybe thats why its a town full of artists.

Vending at the SF Mecca Review on Saturday and then at the Mecca Bazaar on Sunday was so much fun! It is so nice to meet the ladies and gentlemen (there are men too!) of the belly dance community who buy/admire/wear our wares.  The creative buildup was intense - power sewing for two weeks just to have something nice to sell. And despite - or because of the economy, people were still buying. I will say this: the artisans in Salome's Suitcase strive to put out quality items. Not just pretty things, but good quality. And if something should go wrong - a popped seam, twisted elastic.........anything.......we do our best to make it right. Good thing that doesn't happen very often!

As many of you know, the fabric stores have not been doing very well these days. My main source for fabric was having a hard time staying afloat and finally folded. This put me in a very bad situation. So Ive been searching far and wide for more of the materials that I was using in the very beginning - and at a price that I can pass on to you. I found what I need and I am THRILLED!!!!!! So I'll see how this goes. If I can keep the cost down again, I'll lower the prices of the Fluffie pants a bit.

For those of you who have had to wait longer than you wanted to for your custom garments, Just know that they are going to look even prettier now! Most just cannot find these fabrics - and if you can find them, they are not cheap. They also cannot be reproduced the way that I make them. Just know that you are getting a work of art.

Even though I'll be out of commission for a few days, I'll be checking messages when I can and then its  back to biz - with a fresh attitude and room to grow

Thanks for all your support and patience with my growing pains!

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Richmond Agent said...

Great, I am looking forward to see the new prettier custom garments, I am sure that you gonna make it even better than before and I give you all my support. Go for it!