Monday, August 30, 2010

Aprons Are Not A Thing Of The Past

I found a box of aprons that I had made a while back (ok - several years ago). I had sold a lot of them, but then moved on to other things. I didn't want to make aprons for a living and it wasn't catching on like I had envisioned. But since then I have seen several adorable ladies wearing aprons over their capris and dresses  - one in particular was wearing hers at our Salome's Suitcase trunk show this August. I wish I had taken a photo.

So now that I have a wall to shoot photos against, I pulled them out of the box, ironed them and started a little photo shoot. I could only get to 4 aprons so I guess its just going to have to be a slow process. I started putting them up on Etsy at a lighter price. There was a lot of work that went into some of them, but hey, its an apron. And I need to clear them out for new stuff. They will be great for Christmas and birthday presents!
You can wear them with your pants and with your skirts. I used to wear mine with tassels over my dance skirts because they are so long and full. They really worked well for a certain gypsy-esque look and it made me happy! But as you can see here, Sandi Ball of Hi Beam Bindis is looking pretty happy and snappy in hers! Ok - snappy is kind of an old lady word, isn't it. Phat. They look phat. No that doesn't work, What is the new slang.........snappy. They look snappy.
                                                                        Cute. Very Cute!


Flissy said...

Super adorable! Who doesn't love aprons!?

Aline Oliveira said...

just puuurfect!!! and you could put anything inside those pockets!!
loved those!