Thursday, August 26, 2010

Almost Went Down The Rabbit Hole Today

 I had quite a fright this morning. But it all worked out in the end.

I'm all moved in and my cable is back on. Wow. Its a mess in here - but I love my new studio so much and its just going to take time to get it how I want it. I just have to be patient. My dear friends Lee and Katherine Summer have been helping me out and letting me use computers etc. til cable got installed this morning. The cable guy got me all worked up because he said he couldn't get a signal and that I would have to get written permission from the landlord to have them go under the house, put in a new line and drill another hole in the floor. I almost passed out. So I frantically called the new property manager guy to get ahold of the owner and of course, nobody called me back. Ive not been able to conduct my business properly for too long now and I could feel myself starting to teeter over the edge of the rabbit hole..............but then my cable installer miraculously got a good signal and I have faster speed than ever before. I just hope they gave me the right package.

Anyway, now Ive got to answer a million emails, put out fires, sell, sell,, sew, sew.........Moving sucks and it wasn't the easy move that I had anticipated. I was pretty organized, but helpers flaked, the movers were careless - all my orders were tossed around and it took forever to find things, they lost a big rug and a ladder. How do you lose a rug and ladder? Well, I guess you get what you pay for. And I didn't hire the best. I'm here, though. And  now that I'm here, I'm here for a long time. I'm not going anywhere. I'm putting down roots. This is it. The buck stops here. I'm home.

I get to hear the hum of the sugar factory across the street. Its a pleasant hum and it keeps that ringing in my ears at bay (use your earplugs, kids!) The train rolls by on the other side of the factory and blows its long, mournful horn. Its just far away enough that it doesn't shake the house, but close enough to be pretty loud. I LOVE it! I sleep like a baby! Its far enough from the fray that I almost feel like I'm out in the sticks somewhere, yet close enough to the city that I'm there quite a bit. Its great!

Not having a lot of access to the Internet was a bit eye opening. I didn't have TV. Just a crappy little cd player that skips if you play it at half volume. :( 
I answered what messages and emails that I could. But checking orders and invoicing was almost impossible. I have a lot of catching up to do.

So what did I do? I sewed. I finished up what orders I could, I went to the post office twice, I climbed out of boxes, I stocked my pantry, I vended and crafted, socialized with my friends, explored the neighborhood and found out that the main drama is the parking war with the sugar factory. YAWN - these people don't know what parking drama is....................and I came up with a new system for keeping track of orders and bettering the flow. I'll be putting this into practice soon. And I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are still a lot of boxes to open - things to put up on the walls.......things to put away.  But that can wait. Now I have room  to function. So I had better pull myself up off that edge of the hole and get to work!

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Salome's Suitcase said...

I'm so happy to see that you're getting more stuff up on etsy!