Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mecca Bazaar 2009

This woman was so cute. She modeled one of my lacie shrugs towards the end of the day. The whole afternoon was like this.....I think everyone had fun.......

I didn't know how the Mecca Bazaar was going to go today, seeing as I gave the world the wrong address. But everyone showed up and all the wonderful cutting edge usual suspects were vending and it made me happy to be among them! I heard the show was great last night and there is still more to come as this is an immersion - a week of intense workshops and classes and shopping - a perfect and unusual event for those who don't live here and cant have access to all the wonders of belly dance on a day to day basis that we take for granted.

I always love meeting those that have ordered from me or have contacted me in some way.
I especially love it when someone from far, far away comes all the way to San Francisco and buys something that I have made to take back home and wear. It feels like a part of me now lives in another country. This is so magical and romantic to me.

Today, I was amazed at how creative these wonderful women who dance are. They were taking my scarves and tying and wrapping and using them for everything but what I originally made them for! It reminded me of when I was a kid and took fabric and manipulated it to make myself into a princess or a frontier explorer, or a pirate.

Here is Deb Fink showing us how to wrap a scarf.........

Maybe now that we have to watch our pennies, our brains are churning ever harder and looking for more ways to make our dollars stretch. Why buy three skirts when you can buy one with three or four looks. Why buy a certain thing and wear it for one look, when you can take one thing and turn it into five looks. Its so much fun! Anyway, I noticed it more today than I usually have and I took note......

Thank you Lisa for being such a huge help!

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