Monday, August 10, 2009

Corsetry Day Today

Its lazy hazy summer in San Francisco today. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and neither did any of the pets. Usually someone is up and at em by now, but the roomie is off teaching somewhere for a FCBD General Skills week and I must have been using her a.m. schedule as my alarm clock!

Today is my designated corset making day. Molly just got a real job and wont be sewing for me any longer so we are doing corsetry 101 before she goes off to her new life. I have a Victorian style mock up to make - as well as a waist cincher and hopefully I can get going again on a Victorian for me.

I'll soon be posting on Craigslist for a part time production sewer. Just one offs - or small lots. I would like someone who can speak and understand English, and not just have good sewing skills, but can crank stuff out with good quality control. Home sewers need not apply unless you have had production training. I cant afford to teach anyone new tricks at this point! I would prefer this person to make a few things here so I can show just how I like things done and then they can take it home for piecework. If anyone knows of anyone in SF who would qualify, please let me know! This person must have at least an industrial straight stitch and serger.

I often get people offering to help me cut and sew, but its just not the same as home sewing. You actually have to know the tricks of the trade and know how to crank stuff out. You have to know how to cut and sew accurately and quickly. Ive had interns and I may do this again, but this would slow me down right now. So for all the good intentions - and Ive tried hiring friends and home sewers - no offense, but I cant afford the slowdown!

I'm actually wishing I could clone myself in a body that's much younger, but don't we all!

So corsetry day is upon me. I coffee stained the one in the picture because I wanted it pretty ratty looking and distressed. I added lots of lace and trim and pearls. I'll make a skirt to match and post it on etsy one of these days.

I made a lot of black Sampants and they sold out before I could post them up on etsy. So I went and got more fabric yesterday and will try to cut it all out at some point this week.

What I really need to do very, very soon is to have someone clean up the patterns that I have been using, grade them properly (or again), get them up to speed so that I can hand them and fabric over to a cutter and have this all done for me. I am about to that point now. Its either do this right or do something else because its just all too much for one person to juggle. And why have I not done this yet? Well, its always a case of being able to afford takes a lot of money to make a line of clothing.

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