Friday, July 3, 2009

Who or whatever god is: God Bless America

Im in a very creative mood these days. Yesterday some of my friends sat around and we made collages while drinking wine and collaborating on future fabulous photo shoots and things of that nature.

Yes, I should have been sewing as Im very late in getting some of my work out. Im at that point right now where I feel up against a wall and just have to take myself somewhere else for a day or two or I will explode. I somehow thought at first that running a business that is mainly online would be easier. Woe is me........not, not, not! So much of my time is taken up by being on the computer. And I dont get my sewing done. In a better economy, much would get farmed out again, but for now, Im on my own. Molly is on vacation and help is actually on the way.....but this week is a little tight for time and I hope no one is being too put out.

Tomorrow is American Independence Day. For most of us, its a day off with picnics and parties and fireworks. As with most holidays celebrating the glory of a country, its inhabitants forget who came before and who climbed over who to get said country to where its at. Ours is a bloody and unfortunate history full of genocide and slavery - much like most countries. Things we dont want to think about while eating our potatoe salad. But for all its mishaps and bad mistakes and bloodshed, there is an element of good and while I would still rather live in another country sometimes, Im always glad to get back to the food and ease of every day life that isnt shared in much of the world. Who or whatever god is: God Bless America.

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