Monday, July 13, 2009

Rattie Tattie Skirts!

Kristine, my lovely friend and room mate is wearing her Rattie Tattie skirt with her cotton Lycra Sampants.

I have two skirts left up on my etsy shop! You can wear these several ways, as there are three ways to rouch this skirt up for a drapey bustled affect. And its a subtle effect - appropriate for day wear, as Kristine can attest!

I'll be vending again soon - so grab these while you can! I may not be making more in the stripes!

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Medina Maitreya said...

these are great skirts! i picked up a lovely brick red striped one last year at Tribal Fest in my attempt to dress more like a girl. i wish i had one in black, brown, and stripe too. good work kathleen!