Saturday, July 11, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhh sewing machine woes. Just when you think you are almost caught up - or getting to the point where maybe you wont be feeling so pressured, your machine does something. Like not have proper tension despite all your best efforts to correct the situation. I know the drill. Change out the threads to contrasting colors and play with one tension knob at a time til it all gets figured out. Sometimes it corrects itself. Sometimes I throw down my tweezers in despair and scream "WHY AM I DOING THIS???????"

And then it goes back to normal and life goes on. But this is just one little tiny example of why things take longer sometimes to complete than we had planned. Today I start over. Help is on the way on Monday and the flow should be flowing better soon (seems like everyone has decided to go on vacation or something). I have been feeling like I'm in the middle of a log jam lately.

Best intentions and all - time management - the moon is where? Come to think of it, my phone wasn't working yesterday either - maybe it was some solar flare problem. Whatever, right? More coffee and back to my machine!

Maybe your order is in this pile of pretty fabric!

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