Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Joy Of Thimble

I hate thimbles. I hate hand sewing with anything on my fingers. I prefer the feel of that needle on my skin. Its part of the fun. I can sew faster and with more efficiency without a piece of cumbersome metal or leather or whatever the finger protection method of the day is. I can manipulate the fabric or the trim or the thread. I am one with my needle and thread.

But the downside of this thrill of the needle is that my fingers get ripped to shreds. There is rarely a day that goes by that I dont have ripped finger tips.
Ive learned to live with it. My hands are so torn and burned by irons and glue guns, and sewing tools, that it will take several lifetimes before I can ever audition for the job of hand model.

I equate sewing with a thimble as one would with the necessity of wearing a helmet when on a bike or motorcycle. Helmets suck. Period. I mean, really ......have you ever worn one????? But they keep us safer.

(I was going to compare thimble sewing with wearing a condom during sex, but I thought I'd better quit while Im ahead.)

Ive tried every kind of thimble on the market. I hate them all. The metal, the leather, the glue on dots, the wraparounds - they slow me down. They make me crazy. I cant feel a thing. I sew without one. I take my chances. My fingers are trashed. I sew with abandon........

And then one day I walked into Britex and there before me was the thimble that changed my life.

I can sew with this rubber silicone thimble. I can somewhat feel the pressure of the needle. Im not annoyed, or slowed down very much. And the darned thing stays on. (you know what Im talking about - wink wink) So far, the needle has not penetrated my skin. No blood has flowed in weeks. I only have a little cut on my index finger - and who the hell knows where that came from - not from a needle!

They are so pretty! They come in several sizes and a bunch of colors. I love them so much that Im going to buy a bunch of them, line them up, and gaze adoringly at them. Just because..........
I think Im in love.

You can buy them at Britex, or:



Anonymous said...

Hi Kathleen!
The Sampants fit great, thank you so-o-o much.
Why don't we open a shop together, where everything is made of velvet. We could probably rent a basement space pretty cheap. . .
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving & travels.
Love, Hadley

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Oh you are a tease!!!!!!!!!!

JH said...

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