Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hail Obama

I wasn't prepared for the landslide election last night. I thought it was a joke as my friend Ginny and I sat in a bar after wandering around Valencia St. window shopping and eating Indian food. We were two of about 6 people sitting in front of a huge screen - and as we downed our shots of whiskey in anticipation, the numbers came in and we had a historical and monumental experience before we knew it! I thought we would have a few hours of gut wrenching anxiety first!

Well, the fight has just begun.
So much damage has been done in the last 8 years.
So much unnecessary fear and drama and death.
Obama is now going to be told what he can and cannot do-
His hands will be tied and the people who actually run the world will still call the shots.

But Fucking Hell - change happened. America showed how bad we have been feeling. Now there is at least hope. Youth got up and did something and told the powers that be what for. And centuries of wounds can now start healing. That means more to me than anything. Maybe we wont be made so fun of now. Maybe we have shown that we are not a nation of idiots. The old is dying away. And now there is a road open for some positive change.
I think most of us can breathe a little easier now. At least it is going to be 4 very interesting years ahead. Fingers crossed that some of this reign of utter stupidity and devastation can be be reversed.

I took this photo at Napper Tandy last night.

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