Sunday, November 30, 2008

Im Not So Ashamed This Year

I spent a few days up in Seattle visiting my son, Haydn, and pretty much just hanging out. We did a couple touristy things and ate lots of sushi and hot dogs (not all at the same time!)

We watched horror flicks and made pies for Thanksgiving. I read the new novel out about Daniel Boone - my great American Hero. The only hero Ive ever had. Why am I always attracted to escape artists and dreamers!!!!!! Well, I'm too busy to dissect that one, but its probably pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about my life!

Not being much of a Thanksgiving kind of person (it all seems so redundant to me), I was thankful for a great many things this year. My son, the lovely ladies and gentlemen who support my business, the friends who have given me support when I was down, so many more things that I just cant write down at the moment!

I forgave the white man for exterminating the original citizens of this continent - not a damned thing I can do about it now anyway although Ive been deeply ashamed. (and my great American hero was partly to blame in his way) Whats done is done and I played no part in it- although Im sure I would have been no better at the time - who knows. I like to think not, but most of us as a species have been unconscious of our journey - our behaviour and history does like to repeat itself, does it not.

I hemmed Haydns' new drapes, cooked, baked, drank, did the mom thing, visited his Friends, had a huge and amazing thanksgiving dinner - thank you, Aleah! That was the best turkey I have ever had!!!

There was much to be thankful for, even in this economy. Maybe even because of it. I feel it is very important to purchase nice things for oneself when one can and there is nothing wrong with having lots of money.....but the over consumption just had to give. It will be interesting to see what people do for Christmas this year. I gave up on fancy presents years ago. I'm sure we will see lots of creativity now! And that, I'm thankful for as well!

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Hadley said...

We were just in Seattle and loved it! It reminded me so much of England with the brick architecture and the wet weather. The train ride was fun too.