Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Thing Called Steampunk

I first recall the term when my intern, Unsinkable Molly, started talking about it. I dont get out much these days with all my projects and such - so I wasn't understanding what she was really talking about at first. It just sounded like what Ive been doing or trying to do for like the last 20 years.

So now I get it. Its what I would look like and have often looked like sans goggles ,leather straps, and ray guns. (Although I have a picture of myself in silver cowgirl gear with goggles and a red ray gun for Matthew James's infamous Space Christmas party) It is the aesthetic that kept me from getting myself a computer up until a few years ago. I cant stand the sight of them. They are the ugliest man made thing that we have ever concocted. That and all the creepy streamlined souless devices that we require now to make our lives more complicated, stressful, and spiritually bankrupt.

I was dragged into the computer age by Carolena Nericcio- director of FatChanceBellyDance because it was increasingly difficult to get class/gig info to/from me as I refused to get a computer.

Once I got over my revulsion, I found I loved the instant gratification it gave me and I was able to grow my business and reach people from around the world. That in and of itself was fun, entertaining and amazing. But it was still the sterility and ugliness of this intellectual world that kept me hidden away. I cant abide it. But I do. I deal.

However, if the techno age had started like this photo portrays..............I would have jumped on the bandwagon. Hell, I may have joined the throngs of millions who flocked to this world and made buttloads of money off of it.

This will just have to do.

Will do endless trade for this computer!


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