Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mordake part two .....An Opera by Erling Wold

I'm working on more costumes for Mordake.This is a solo performance with tenor John Duykers. Today I made John a long night shirt based on the Folkwear Missouri River Boatman's Shirt. I made this shirt years ago for what I cannot remember, It is very simple, but of course something didn't seem right so I had to dig around for the directions which were in one of my bazillion pattern boxes. Lo and behold, there was a missing piece which was no where to be found so I improvised and actually like my version much better. Sometimes the pieces get sucked into the void.

I'm such a pattern whore. I love having a pattern library to refer to when I need to - it has been one of my passions. And one day, I'll have a pattern line of my very own to sell to other pattern whores. I feel so maternal about this. I must pass this pattern disease on......

Yes, indeed. But back to Mordakes's shirt. I trimmed it out with some vintage lace that I had stashed away. it was already stained and trashed and perfect for a lonely crazy man tucked away in his mansion of yore.

This is a story based on Mordake, the wealthy, brilliant aristocrat who was born with the face of a woman - his twin sister - on the back of his head. Well, you can imagine the drama this would create in one's life. Very like a Gemini, I would imagine. Not that I would know anything about that.

Everyone is working hard on this production. Jobs and responsibilities are being juggled. There wont be a lot of costume changes, but I want everything to look worn and opulent - lots of layers to suit the music and Frieder Weiss's visuals. It will be part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival in May. Thats May this month. I cant believe it is May already.

The final product will be an amazing collaboration of brilliance. You can see painting s of the set here.

No Tribal Fest this year for me. I decided today that I cant handle any more work than I already have. I was going to try to go for it and share a booth with someone. But I would rather do it right next year instead of half-assed this year. I would rather Mordake be as fabulous as possible.

Mordake as seen at Theater Bay Area this month.

More info can be found on Erlings' Blog.

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