Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kitten On The Keys

I ran into my friend Suzanne the other day - aka Kitten On The Keys - and she reminded me that she had a photo or two of a couple things I had made for her before her last European tour.

There is no one like Kitten and she is San Francisco to me - the part that refused to be pushed out. The part that didn't move away. The part that didn't sell out. The part that used to be. The part that keeps me here.

Kitten On The Keys

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harleygypsy2003 said...

i really love your 1800s look costumes,do you make that era of colorful ruffle skirts to go with corset tops? a waist defining look, that has v yoke where they meet at waist/hip area. above knees for shorter legs, but not shorter than the era of saloon performers?thanks, love the pantaloons, too.