Saturday, March 15, 2008

Too Tired To Moddle

I'm about to tear into this striped pile of fabric. It will be a stripie jacketie polonaisie thing that will be worn on a trip to Europe in a week or so. No, its not for me. Im not going back this year - next year though. And perhaps I'll have my own stripie jacketie thing to wear. Because next time I go, Ive got my own agenda and I will not be making the trip over to be at the beck and call of everyone Else's schedule. A week in London. A week in Paris. And I would like to explore Ireland a bit better. Perhaps stay in Cork for a while, since my last visit was a little short - sheeted.

Isn't this Gualtier ad just the best?
Thats about how it sums up my vibe these last couple weeks with the flu.
Too tired to moddle. Thanks for sending me that, Lynne! Soon, you will up to your pretty neck in stripes!

I did join a gym though. Picking the scissors up and putting them back down, just isnt enough weight training.

Gotta look good when I make my stripie jacketie polonaisie thing for my own European vacation.

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