Saturday, March 15, 2008

April is for Apron

I know its not April yet, but Ive decided that April should be Apron Month. Ive been putting up some pretty cool aprons for sale on Etsy. Ive been seeing them on the Runway in Paris. Ive been seeing more and more vintage apron patterns resurface. They are just the best things ever. An apron can be just for decoration. It can be used as a little something extra to funkify and cutify your everyday garments. You can wear them with jeans. You can wear them to dance in. You can wear them to paint or sew or build a house in. I use mine at work. I make nice deep useful pockets and they keep at least some of the threads off my usually black outfit of the day. I dance in them when the gig allows. They blend into that tribal ATS or folkloric gypsy Rom style and they are a fun, colorful accessory. I use them on the occasions when I actually go out and vend at a festival. They saved my neck at Tribal Fest and Rakkasah. And they attract a lot of attention.

Steven LeMay from Retrofit is camping it up in one of my little aprons. I believe that one has been sold, but there are more available - no two are the same. And they are little works of art.

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