Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are we the Borg?

Ive started jumping in on the comments about Chris March's collection. I dont understand this aversion many people - and I will say most americans have - for anything that is not "safe" and prescribed to sell to the masses. Basicly anything that is not made in America. If it is not made overseas and sold through the major clothing companies and advertised as THE THING to wear this season, we cant seem to understand anything else. Dear people, this isnt about style, its about making money quick and easy and catering to our ADD sensibility. RTW has to change constantly and it has to be made very badly for the most part. It isnt about art. Chris is an artist. Rami is an artist. Christian is an artist. Nobody has to like it, but it is what it is. Everyone wants to be a critic. Maybe its just jealousy.

The simple word "costume" seems to throw everyone into a tizzy. I would say that from what I read and hear, most dont even know what the word means.

Can we not as a nation start thinking about style and individuality?

Do we STILL not understand that couture is art and art is an expression of what is going on inside the designer/artist and also in the world around us?

Can we not just step outside of the box a little bit and stop being afraid of our shadows?

Are we the Borg?


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