Saturday, January 12, 2008

Think Mink

Oh Yes, I said it. And before you try to find my address to shoot me, there is a fine story behind this blog.

My friend Lynne's mother had a mink coat that she just never wore. Living down in southern california just wasnt practical for a mink coat and it hung there in the closet for years - sad and lonely.

Lynnes' dad had bid on the coat at a hospital charity auction for breast cancer. He forked out some bucks for this baby and it went to help some woman who needed it.

I dont condone the slaughter of animals for furs that we dont need. However, if I lived in Russia, I would probably want one for myself. The fact is that these animals die for our needs wethere they are warrented or not and I cringe at the idea of wasting the fur or any part that could be used. What a waste of a life. I will recontruct or refuerbish or alter a fur coat if it can be used again. If you have ever looked inside one of these coats, they are a miracle of technology. HUNDREDS of little tiny pelt pieces are sewn together. It is truely incredible.

HOWEVER, working with fur is a bitch. The little mink fur flies everywhere. I wore a mask and I still caughed up a hairball or two. I respect anyone who works with fur, fake fur, or feathers. Ive done it many times. Pay these people well, my friends.

So as you can see by the photos, I took this white mink coat apart, took the lining out, made an ultrasuede back and reconstructed this coat into a vest by using the front and neck ruffle. I then used the coat lining as a vest lining.

Now this can be worn and used with love and respect for the animals who died.

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