Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sweeney Todd's Lucy

I stole this photo off the web. Couldnt help myself. The sheerness of this little 19th century bonnet just thrills me. Im going to make one for myself. One of these days. And then I went to see Sweeney Todd last night and Lucy was wearing a very reasonable facsimile of it. Well, this and the movie gave me crazy dreams all night. Nobody makes murder more fun than Mr. Depp! Why, oh why can we not dress more creatively in our every day modern life? Why are not children learned in the art of threading a needle at least - and sewing on a button?

In fact, Im in a velvet and English Cotton Netting kinda mood these days. Wouldnt it be lovely if more were?

Oh, a nice light organza or voile as well. Maybe its the little flowers popping up in the winter garden that are doing this to me.

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