Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rattie Tattie™ Dance Skirt

The Rattie Tattie™ Dance skirt: A little coverup to go over your Flufflie Rufflie™ Dance Pants and pantaloons. No two skirts will be alike, but there is a basic shape and it consists of overlapping layers of knit lace and whatever else floats our perspective boats. Vague, I know - but I dont buy volumes of fabric. I just grab what I can find thats affordable and I love. It has an elastic band covered in lace. Looks great over your jeans or another skirt as well! Thanks for modeling this, Audra! You look amazing!

XS hip 31-35
S hip 33-37
M hip 35-39
L hip 37-42
XL hip 39-44

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