Friday, June 15, 2012

Capes and Circle Skirts

This last week, I finished up a little project that came my way. Chris March made a bunch of super hero type costumes for a giveaway promotion. He gave me the capes and little super heroine skirts to sew up and he took care of the rest.

Its a simple project, but it was fun. I cut all the capes out freehand and I mostly used selvages for the ties, For the skirts, I used the bottom flounce pattern of my Fluffie Rufflie Pantaloons as a base. I used my Sampants waistband and  with a little tweaking here and there of the measurements, they worked out perfectly!

I was sewing on sequins and spandex for the most part and my industrials were being a bit temperamental. Needles were breaking and stitches skipping. So rather than adjust my machines for every fabric, I used my home sewer for some of it and all went well in the end. Lots of capes and skirts. Some were lined. Some were trimmed. Some had rolled hems and some edges were just serged.

Simple costumes do not have to look like they were made in a factory in China. With a little knowledge of fabrics and what types of machines and needles and hemming feet work with them, its fairly easy to make something inexpensive look well made.

And, well, practice, practice, practice!

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