Sunday, June 17, 2012

Advice From A Singer Sewing Manual

I snagged this off of Facebook. I think I stole it from Adrienne Rice. At first I was kind of disgusted at the old sexist tone of it, but when I thought a moment, its actually pretty true. When my studio and home is fairly clean and straightened up - when I've bothered to fix my hair and put on some lips and put some thought into my appearance, I just work better.


Gail said...

Yep, that did come off as kind of sexist at first.
Me: "Me...put on make-up and look all nice before I sew. Am I going to sew or going to my friend's house?"
Now I do like the part of getting the housework out of the way.

Kathleen Crowley said...

I'm looking at my dishes in the sink as we speak! And there is so much sewing to do!!

Erika said...

At first you would think it was(sexist) but seriously, I can't sew if I know there's a bunch of housework undone.That is always on the back of my mind so I do it before I sew.
As I'm not gonna get all dressed up to sew-I get the just be dressed and ready so incase visitors come or you have to answer the door(one sat. I had 3 diffent people knocking on the door through the morning while I was basically in pj's-not doing that again).