Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 Happy New Year!!!!!!

There is much a brewin in my humble little Sugar Shack. Its true, I live in a Sugar Shack! How many people can say that????????

The winter days are long and often gray and bleak, and the outside of things can  appear dismal and not very exciting right now. But its whats on the inside that counts - and I count my blessings and my lucky stars every single day. Here is where I will start to be more creative in the new decade and where I will focus on making this world a little tiny bit better if I can.

Thank you one and all who have supported me and shown me the path and the means to my new studio - my new place to stretch out and let my creativity take wing!

Ive got plans. Plans to make my Sugar Shack cuter and more pleasing to the eye. Plans for promotion, plans for patterns, plans for new designs - maybe new directions. Plans for a new little computer, a decent camera, a roadworthy car - plans to expand both in the physical world and the spiritual. Plans to get you out here to visit if I can and have a little studio party. (Can I say "plenty of parking"?)

It just doesn't work to have one without the other, now does it. And when both combine, we have creativity. And being lost in your creativity is to experience the Divine.

Enough of the New Age sentimentality: I'm just feeling inspired!

And in the meantime, I still need your support. All independent artists do. Please don't forget us after the holidays as this is usually our down time and life must go on as usual.........bills and rent to and materials to purchase. Local artists and artisans (and I'm speaking for all of us) need support to keep making and doing nice things for the world. If we cant stay afloat until easier times, some may have to go work at MacDonald's. And I shudder to think it. We all suffer when this happens.

If you read this far, I'm offering you a 10% off coupon code for anything in my ETSY store during this weekend of new beginnings! Just enter this code at checkout and it will do the work for us both. (Yay!)

Happy New Year Everyone! Happy New Decade! Happy New World!!!!!

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