Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oldie Worldie Charm

This lovely little bustier was sleeping unloved in my pile of unfinished projects. So I couldnt take it anymore and finished it off. It feels so good to finally get something done that Ive been meaning to do for years! I have much to still finish as far as orders go, but now and then, I have to take a few mental health hours and finish up a languishing pile of fabric. This is a corset, but Im calling it a bustier because it doesnt have steel bones - just a couple in the back for support. It is "heavily" boned with rigilene (dont shudder). Not how I usually make a corset  by any means - but this is a little thing to go over a skirt for dress up - not a period piece. Ive got it up on Etsy for a steal. This is not an upcycled bustier - this was made from scratch, for nobody in particular and never worn.

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