Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Heart San Francisco or The Swine Flu of Fashion - Take Your Pick

I had to run errands downtown for two consecutive days in a row. The first day was to go shopping with my friend for a good bra to reconstruct into a suitable dance bra for restaurant gigs - easier said than done. I needed one too as I have, ahem, outgrown my old dance bras. This would be my dream come true, but the rest of me grew also, so it has been nothing to write home about. I found one at H&M - first one I tried on. Miracles of Miracles. THAT is a first! For my friend, we went to Macy's and Nordstrom as well. We found a great one at Macys and went home happy. Nordstrom's selection was sad. Old Navy - nothing. Ross - nothing. I got tired of looking, my feet hurt, and I had had enough of molded, uber padded ugly bras.

But since I have not been out shopping for clothing lately, I was horrified. This has got to be THE UGLIEST season I have ever seen. Oh, I'm not exaggerating. It was pathetic. Ugly colors. Ugly fabrics, Ugly combos, Ugly styles. Cute Ugly? Not even. I said on Facebook that I would rather run around naked than wear the sadness Ive seen. I always find cute clothes to look at and try on at Urban Outfitters - nothing. What is going on? Can someone fill me in? I usually find a few great things at least in every store - nothing.

So the next day was my appointment at the Apple store to have someone set me straight with my i phone. And they did. I was satisfied that I can start using it to its full capacity soon......except for the AT&T deadzone issue. yay?

And then I went and hung out at Britex for an hour or so. My blood pressure immediately went down as I walked through the doors and was met with smiles from people who recognise me. There were my wall to wall shelves of luxury fabrics! My heart soared as I found the most amazing silver fabric that could make someone a stunning stage costume. It took my breath away. I wish I had taken a photo. I chatted, caught up with the dish, shopped and had such a pleasant morning. I found everything I needed. And more. Thank you Britex. I love you.

But then I tried to find some fashion. I found some great shoes. Some great boots. Hue has some cute tights. But the jewelry bored me (except for the rhinestones and pearls). The handbags bored me. The clothing mostly bored me. Macys was ok. You can tell the economy has hit hard because there simply is not the selection. But what is everyone else's story? Is Butt Ugly really the new cute?

As they say...this too shall pass. Not every season can float my boat. But can we try just a little harder?

But two trips Downtown San Francisco did me good. It feels like a whole different city than where I live - even though its the same town. If I actually ever do leave this city one day, like I'm always threatening to do, my heart will stay here.


Button Du Jour said...

Thanks for the shout-out! You are making lovely things. I am particularly entranced with the striped polonaise

Sugar said...

I have to agree with you on current trends in fashion. The '80s are back, big time, oh the horrors! Everything is awful and nothing fits a girl with a waist smaller than her hips. Makes me wish I could sew, so I could make my own wardrobe! Start my own trends.

kathleenCrowleyCostumeCouture said...

Thanks you guys! I guess the reason why I started sewing clothes in the first place was because nothing fit and I didnt like what I saw - or couldnt afford what I liked!