Friday, September 4, 2009


My SultrySeptemberSale is now in progress!

Fancy emails sent - check!
Posted announcements everywhere I can think of - check!
Prices changed in my etsy store - check!

Im offering 20% off all pre-made merchandise and 15% off all custom orders through the month of September!
Thats 3 and a half weeks of great deals for you!!!!!
Hopefully this will help in this time of stress!!!!!!

Keep checking in as I am going to be posting new marked down goodies as the days go by! Message or email me if you are looking for something that I dont have listed!

Also, if you purchased something recently in the last couple weeks, remind me and I will reimburse you a little something (because I feel soooooo guilty that you missed the sale!)

Also, last, but not least, my red and white striped Sampants were recently featured in
Etsy Lounge! This is a great blog created by Etsy's own ArtsyPicks! She features all kinds of wonderful hand made goodness from Etsy in fun groupings!

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