Sunday, September 27, 2009

R.I.P September - Three Days Left!

Woah! September has simply been insane. Mercury Retrograde - especially hard on Geminis this month (yours truly) - and everything that can and would go wrong has done its best to do so despite my best efforts!

Mechanical difficulties
Communication problems
Near death for a family member
travel issues

Good God - but its almost over and I cant wait!!!!!

But so will my Sale be as well!
Three more days to take advantage of having something made at 15% off!!!!!!
Three more days to grab something off my Etsy shop!

The Sale has been an ASTOUNDING success and I thank you all! So now its nose to the grindstone and get your things to you asap!

So September has had its ups and downs, and the downs were dramatic as were the ups!
Halloween is coming and I'm so into it! I'm going to go break out my box of Halloween decorations soon and deck the halls! Maybe its time for new strings of lights!

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